Thursday, October 17, 2013

How to make a doll handmade fabric pattern


 Length doll scarecrow made of cloth 48.5 cm


■ 0,5 m cream-colored cotton fabric
■ 0,25 m blue and white checkered cotton fabric
■ 0,25 m blue denim
■ 0,25 m printed fabric with sunflowers
■ polyester wool
■ twill tape
■ 3 different buttons of 13 mm diameter
■ synthetic raffia (bast)
■ non-woven pad
■ white textile glue
■ detachable lining
■ threads for machine embroidery in black, red, gold and orange
■ 1m cord
■ with the evaporating paint marker
■ tool for stuffing
■ foot for embroidery

Plaid cotton fabric
Fold the fabric in four times
Place a pattern on the jacket folded cloth as directed. Cut out.

Blue denim
Cut 2 strips measuring 8 cm x 25.5 cm trouser.
Cut a strip of size 11.5 cm x 21.5 cm for lining hat.

Fabric with sunflowers
Cut a strip of 11.5 cm x 21.5 cm for the hat.

Cut one lapel.
Twill tape
Cut 2 pieces of 14 cm long hand.
Cut 2 pieces of 15 cm for the feet.
Cut a 20.5 cm for the neck. Cut a 27 cm for the head.


Move the markup folded portions torso and face the front of the torso. Place the pad on the lower side of the face. Embroider the facial features on the machine with thread embroidery and embroidery foot. Adjust the stitch width from the top to the bottom of the eye, make a triangle. Remove the gasket.

Pin the front part of the body to the back of the right sides together. Sew along the lines of stitches, leave a hole to turn out a product. Separate the allowances on the curved seam allowances and cut close to the line of stitching on the forks. Turn out onto the front side.

Stuff them with cotton head, then the arms and legs before the scheduled lines lines. Sew along these lines. Kick some ¬ those fiber to the following lines, sew and finish packing. Sew the left hole.
Wrap and tie a ribbon around the neck, wrists and ankles for the finished.

Put a jacket on the side of the non-woven lining paper and cut out. Following the instructions of the manufacturer, attach the spacer to the wrong side of the jacket. Move the line mid front and neck. Cut the jacket front along the marked lines to get lapels.

Cut a few patches of non-woven pad, attach to the underside of the various scraps of fabric, cut out and put on a jacket. Sew around patches contrasting thread largest zigzag. Make a contrasting thread stitch straight lines.
Fold the front and back face inside, Sew side seams of a jacket and sleeve seams. Separate the curved seams under the arms, turn to the right side. Separate the intervals of 1.3 cm sleeves and jacket lapels. Separate the bottom of the jacket and sleeves to a depth of 2.5 cm for the fringe. Cut off the excess thread.

Make pristrochite and patches to pants as well as a jacket. Add up the trouser leg and right sides Sew side seams, retreating 12.5 cm from the bottom edge. Put the halves into each other's pants right sides together and stepping Sew seams. Turn out onto the front side. Smooth out the seam allowances at the waist width of 1.3 cm on the wrong side. Fight every 6 mm holes through both layers of material. Expand and prodernite cord through the holes to secure the pants at the waist. Separate the bottom of the pants as well as the jacket as to obtain a fringe.

Patches can only be glued and zigzag stitches and "stitches" paint factory paints to reduce the time for sewing in. You can also use paint to paint the embossed elements of the face.
To scarecrow turned over rough, use a muslin body, podkra ¬ weighted tea, and make clothes out of burlap. Fringe can be done prodergav thread at the bottom of clothing, not incise tissue.

How to sew beautiful hair and a fringe of raffia
To make a raffia fringe on the arms and legs, cut a length of 9 cm raffia Put on twill tape so that the edges were a little rough. Pristrochite to raffia ribbon. Neck pristrochite raffia fiber length of 10 cm to twill tape length 20.5 cm for the head fold fiber raffia in half, and then pristrochite twill tape to the length of 27 cm.

Pin twill tape to the arm and leg, place it so that the raffia covered almost the entire arm or leg and it was evident only 1.3 cm arm or leg. Glue.

Pin raffia length of 1.3 cm to the shoulders at each end of the strip to the neck on a length of 2 cm and put the rest in the form of letters on the chest. Glue. Put the head to the side, until you make a hat.

Fold the triangle of the main and lining fabric right sides together and Stitch narrow sections. Turn out onto the front side. Fold in half hat parts, lining out and align the lower edges. Sew along one cut from the fold to the seam. Fold the seam inside to get a three-cornered hat with a long raw cut. Make an incision along the fringe of the raw slice as well as on the trousers and jacket. Fold the remaining edge of the flap. Remove the hat and glue a strip of raffia down. Glue the hat on top of raffia. Trim the raffia as you see fit.

Put the doll pants and tie belt at the waist. Put the doll jacket, peel back the lapels and smooth out. Place one shelf to the other by the width of 1.3 cm, however. Attach buttons and sew them on the jacket, grabbing both layers and consolidating its floors. Tie the raffia ribbon around the waist, wrists and ankles, if you like. For a more rustic way of using wood buttons.